About Ann Ledgerwood

Ann Ledgerwood is a physical therapist who has worked with children for 40 years throughout Southwest Virginia.  She lives with her husband David in a log house on six acres near Emory, VA, along with three dogs and seven rescue cats. 

Ann wrote her first book “Oatmeal & Lavender” for her granddaughter’s 13th birthday in 2017.  It was Ann’s way of giving Riley a special gift that would stand the test of time. 

“As I tried to think of a memorable gift for my granddaughter Riley’s thirteenth birthday, I remembered the days that I would pick her up from school to take her to piano lessons with Ms. Janet and then to AWANA.  Riley liked for me to make up stories for her as we made the hour long drive from Honaker to Abingdon and then back each week.  Sometimes we would share in the story telling, each one adding a few words, and then the next one to pick up there.   I decided to write a story just for her that would speak to her now and in the years to come—life lessons about kindness and acceptance and friendship.

The older I get, the more I realize that each of us is the summation of his or her life experiences, both good and bad.  I believe all of us have a responsibility and endless opportunities to make a positive impact on those around us.  Sometimes much may be required from us; but most of the time, it is as simple as sharing a kind word or a smile. “  (Foreward to “Oatmeal & Lavender,” Ann Ledgerwood, 2017)

Ann enjoyed writing “Oatmeal & Lavender” and received encouragement from friends, family, and strangers; she decided to write the next story “Coral Musick” for Riley for Christmas 2017.  These two books are sequential; birds and other animals play important, supporting roles in the first two books.  Ann’s third “Oatmeal from the Other Side” is the parallel story from the perspective of the birds. 

Ann has also written children’s poetry and is in the process of writing her fourth book “Strawberry Heaven” that takes up where “Coral Musick” leaves off.  Annie Beth meets her Aunt Violet and three cousins who spend the summer of 1970 with the Musicks in Finney, VA.  The topics of friendship and acceptance continue.  In this book, the children learn about forgiveness, strength, and perseverance.  One of Annie’s Beth’s cousins is a four year old named Aurora who has cerebral palsy.  Ann hopes to have this book published during 2020.