Coral Musick

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“Coral Musick” is a tender story about friendship, kindness, and hope. Annie Beth and Riley are ten-year olds growing up in the beautiful, soft mountains of Appalachia. Annie Beth is living with a foster family and met her first friend Riley in the summer through a mysterious bird that she named Oatmeal. The girls share adventures, laughter, family times, and a love of singing in this story that takes up where "Oatmeal & Lavender" ends. They meet new friends, including Rory, a boy who has odd behaviors and struggles to communicate with people. All ages will enjoy this fictional book set in Russell County, Virginia; it begins in September and ends at Christmas in 1969. The book is written to be read by adults to and with children to open up conversations about life lessons about friendship, acceptance of those who are different and standing up for others.

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