Oatmeal from the Other Side

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“Oatmeal from the Other Side” is the parallel story of Ann’s first two books “Oatmeal & Lavender” and “Coral Musick.” In the first two books, readers meet Annie Beth, a young girl in foster care, and her best friend Riley, as they share childhood adventures. Set in the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia in 1969, these stories gently discuss foster care, adoption, kindness, friendship and acceptance of others. In “Oatmeal from the Other Side,” readers view the first two stories from the perspective of the birds that live on the Other Side. The Other Side is a magical place where peace, love, kindness, and friendship abound. Under the supervision of the Great White Owl, Oatmeal and Lavender, along with the sister birds Jade, Mint, and Teal, travel back and forth, between the Front Side and the Other Side on missions to help people.

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